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Which partner dominates in the online/offline marriage?

Digital is the prevailing marketing medium of today. Few would deny the overall trend away from offline marketing to online marketing. And the reasons are obvious and legitimate.

Online marketing is accessible – anywhere and everywhere, providing you have a device with you; Smartphone, IPad, you name it. Online marketing is also interactive – users can navigate freely round large amounts of information, extract specific guidance via online tools and apps, or live-chat to real people without even making a call. And digital marketing is eco-friendly – sparing the earth’s resources and displaying vast amounts of marketing on any screen of choice.

So do we need to touch or feel any marketing material these days or is it finally time for divorce and a painful goodbye to tactile marketing?


The challenge of online marketing

The problem that we all face with online marketing is getting attention in what is now the most crowded arena in the marketing world. We’re all so used to screening out unwelcome distractions on-screen, that it can be almost impossible to stand out with an important message or offer.

We delete emails fast in our inbox. We close our eyes to the paid Google ads and look at the organic listings. We look past the special offers on websites to the thing we were actually looking for.  We give short shrift to the latest LinkedIn post unless the subject is really wow!

And this is where tactile marketing, or offline marketing, makes that vital contribution in the modern marketing marriage. It may have become the subordinate partner, but it’s the one that can get attention.


The essential role of tactile (or offline) marketing 

We suggest that tactile marketing is best used to get the attention of your prospects and customers, and steer them to your relevant online presence. The test of tactile marketing today is how well it performs in that role.

Recipients are much less likely to keep tactile marketing – space is at a premium – so it must successfully grab their attention and steer them online, before it gets thrown away.

This philosophy is embodied in the Giftpac range of targeted gifts – high impact at the point of receipt, and the capacity to direct the recipient online. Chat to us about this concept – it’s the safe strategy in modern marketing.

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