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Features of a great marketing campaign

Because Giftpac gifts can become powerful components within marketing campaigns, we’re sometimes asked what makes a great marketing campaign. We reviewed some of the essential features that distinguish successful campaigns and have summarised them below.

  1. A clear objective
    Effective marketing must always have a purpose and a clear desired outcome or action. The measurement of success for any campaign is whether it resulted in what was looked for, e.g. sales growth, increased brand awareness, enquiries or requests for samples or demonstrations, etc.
  2. A laser-focused message
    However you say it, whether outright or cryptic, your message must have a laser focus from within. If you are not clear about what your core message is that supports your objective, your audience are unlikely to be clear either.
  3. Make it interesting
    You’ve got a theme or a story to tell in your campaign but make sure it’s told in an interesting way. And above all, make sure it differentiates you or your product/service from the alternatives that exist. An effective campaign makes you and your offering stand out from the crowd.
  4. Make connection with emotions
    Wherever possible, flip your message from the functional to the emotional. Consider your campaign slogan – will it provoke an emotional feeling with the recipient (think of Nike’s ‘Just do it’ slogan), or just a calculated action. When you touch your audience’s emotions, you are on the winning path. Always consider the potential to connect with the lifestyle (actual or desired) of your target audience – this can establish an emotional connection.
  5. Engage your audience
    The best campaigns are those that not only interest the audience but engage them and get them to participate. Find a way to interact with your recipients within your campaign and, once you’ve engaged them, try to keep them engaged. Social media offers huge potential for this.
  6. Talk benefits in a way that makes sense
    Of course every campaign that is marketing a product or service should highlight features and benefits, but to be effective you must do it in a way that is easily understood. Make them tangible, and best of all, prove what you claim – hard evidence, testimonials or surveys etc.
  7. Say what it does, on the tin
    In this transparent digital age, ensure that your campaign is 100% honest and upfront with no hidden ploys. Nothing could ruin your campaign more effectively than a negative response going viral.
  8. Go for an online/offline mix
    Spread your campaign across digital and printed mediums to ensure penetration to all customer types. Consider flipping between online/offline at the different stages of your campaign – connect initially via one medium and progress the message via the other.

We love working with our customers on creating high-impact marketing campaigns. Talk to us about where we can support on your next exercise.

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