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Giftpac trades nationwide from a pleasant location in the heart of Mid-Wales. Boasting over 20 years' experience in promotional marketing, Giftpac was founded to provide a gift solution that offers real marketing impact.


In a world of increasingly focused marketing, standard promotional products have lagged behind, offering little more than space to put a logo. Good enough for general publicity but not for the targeted marketing that today’s markets expect.


Giftpac gifts boast full-colour print over multiple surfaces, and can incorporate varied data across the run, including recipient’s names or differing copy themes for different market sectors - truly targeted marketing.


Buying Giftpac™ gifts

You can purchase Giftpac gifts directly from us or through your normal design/marketing agency. Those that work with you regularly and understand your market approach, will probably help you best to achieve maximum impact with Giftpac gifts, as well as maintaining your brand identity.


If you don't have a regular design/marketing agency, our in-house specialists can help you to select an appropriate gift and will create powerful artwork, ensuring that you achieve the full force of Giftpac marketing impact.


We print and produce to the highest standards and provide quality-assured gift options. We take a responsible approach in business and aim to minimise our impact on the environment whilst respecting all those that are affected by our operations.